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Carlos Maundu -- PM


Kevin Kimani -- Lead Developer


Silvester Gitonga -- S&M Exec


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Research Savvy Group Africa LLC, is a full-service research,surveying, web development, web designing and content writing organization dedicated to the provision of actionable and meaningful services to clients.

The company was founded in 2013 by Carlos Maundu, Silvester Kimari and Kevin Kimani and is located in Nairobi, Kenya. The company enjoys continued growth and recognition among clients and colleagues.

RSGAfrica places emphasis on quality research and IT services to clients. It is objective, honorable, and ethical in terms of business dealings. The company respects the confidential nature of all studies and appreciates the trust placed in it by clients.

RGSAfrica is objective, honorable, and ethical in terms of business dealings.

RSGAfrica is a provider of bespoke market analysis and custom business intelligence solutions with an established and trusted research methodology. Through in-depth analysis of customer dynamics, we provide the vital links helping clients fine tune their products and services, increasing the appeal to their customer base. RSGAfrica helps marketers and marketing managers find new customers and develop innovative and winning strategies for market entry and product development planning.

RSGAfrica designs every project to address specific concerns and ambitions of our clients, helping them achieve and maintain leadership positions through the anticipation of change.RSGAfrica has assembled an elite staff of researchers,statisticians and IT 'gurus' who plan, design and co-ordinate all aspects of our clients projects from conception to inception and place the final analysis in context of their specific needs.

RSGAfrica work closely with its clients from the beginning, linking them directly to the research process,with the use of our project management system, fieldwork and our years of market and sector knowledge.

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