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Here's some of our work, only the best stuff, we don't want you seeing our clippings.We only put up work that our clients are cormfortable being showcased.

Emergency Kenya

Kenya's Emergency Location Guide

Mar 27th 2014 / Tags: Webwork
Simple yet neccesary mordern day infrastructure.-- Joseph Musyoka

Radio Come Back

TV killed the radio,The internet slit the throat of the TV.So we bringing back the radio

Mar 27th 2014 /Tags: Image

This is one of those random in-house projects by RSGAfrica’s IT department. The need for a radio stream database arose when our IT department members got “lazy” and tired of using video and music hosting sites to listen to their favorite music since after every music video that they listened to they had to search for another music video and after that another after another


Graciella Music

Uplifting Gospel Music Artist

Mar 27th 2014 /Tags: Image

Grace Mwende also known as graciella is a Kenyan uplifting gospel music artist based in Nairobi,Kenya. Grace Mwende has a couple of hit singles which include “reign” and “stick with you” and she approached rsgafrica for a website build that would enable her fans to access her music, upcoming events and even enable her to have her own forum where she can interact with her fans and get their opinion on her music.

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